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Monika Meszaros our Vegan ambassador


I was twenty-twenty-one years old when I got on the scales and showed me 82 kilos. I was completely smeared, I was trying to lose weight in magazines and I just couldn’t lose weight, the kilos just came and came. One day I decided to change, change my lifestyle, and take my destiny into my hands.

That’s when I delved into the plethora of diets, I found most of them stupid, but I still started reading between the lines. What’s the point? How to lose weight? Well, with metabolic acceleration, that was the key. I wondered how this should be done. I tend to walk a lot, plus it lasts, even four to five hours. I also figured out what slows down my metabolism, meat was the answer. Meat can be digested for up to two weeks and rot in our intestines. I didn’t need any more, I became a vegetarian and I lost about ten kilos in a year.

I wanted to lose more weight, so I researched the subject further and found a fact-finding book, Body Control. For me, the point was that all products of animal origin are fatty, and if I want to lose weight, I have to switch to a full-fledged plant diet.

It all happened in 2012, and a 22-year-old, chubby but happy girl felt she had discovered the secret to losing weight. With my motivation, I managed to reach a body weight of around 64 kg.

I lived on a full-fledged plant diet, I didn’t starve, and I lost nearly 20 kg, which I kept for many years. I still wanted to lose weight, get stronger, speed up my metabolism. But how? I ate less, drank more, played a lot of sports, but the expected result did not show. I was disappointed.

One day I was talking to a stranger and he told me that whoever is vegan is doing yoga because it goes hand in hand. I was 24 at the time, living alone in Budapest, working as a hotel animator, traveling a lot, and just studying for a language exam. My hobbies were just walking, listening to music and getting dressed, shopping. Empty and ordinary things. Should I do yoga? I longed for something again, but I had to rethink it, I slept on it, then I searched for the Hungarian yoga societies and found the „yoga in everyday life” system.

I went to the first law class of my life, taking the advice. I became a member of a community, I learned a lot from them for what I am today. It was an interesting and long journey for me. I came under the guidance of an spiritual leader, but not in the manner of a sect, it was as much a mass as we were listening to Sunday, just ancient Indian stories. We ate vegetarian food, camped, traveled, got together and had a shared experience.

I once spoke to the Hungarian leader, Krishnanand, and suggested yoga fasting to achieve further weight loss. At first I backed away from him because my faith didn’t quite match theirs and then give me two days a week to the highest? So I went for a bowel cleansing and gastric lavage called Sankha Prakshalana. It still fit. It took three years for me to fast, and I drank only purified water, choosing Mondays, and only fruit on Thursdays. I reached my dream weight, I gained 53 kg.

I am currently  before having a baby, I want to be a mother in a year or two. My couple has also become vegan since we lived together, so we totally agree with that, and I want to give birth and raise our children as vegans. This lifestyle is full of nutrients, what would our body lack?

If they refer to the teeth, I always ask really ?, then the gorilla, which is 3-400 kg, why not eat meat? Even though it is full of muscle, and in a good farmland it lives only on fruit, then why should we eat dead animals? The answer is pretty much that but the top predators … Okay, be a top predator, I believe you, but if you’re out on the prairie, you don’t have a gun or a knife or anything but your bare hands as God created , the chosen animal comes to you, how do you drop it? I don’t usually get an answer to that, max is that we’re top predators because we’ve developed the ability to make objects.
That’s when I ask, what do you think of the atom? There is nuclear energy, which is useful, and there is the atomic bomb, which we condemn, everything can be used for good and bad.

How great it would be if food of animal origin were not served in public institutions, schools, hospitals. Politicians, civil servants, should point to the younger generation in nutrition, conservation, and protecting animal rights. The importance of respect, love and acceptance should be taught from an early age. I would introduce regular hiking into the curriculum.

Every year, more and more people switch to some kind of vegetarian or vegan diet, which is very encouraging and so the offer is expanding. The downside to this is that it is harder to keep a full-fledged plant diet because more and more processed but “vegan” food is coming into stores. I always try to buy eco friendly, fair trade.
I believe in spreading the vegan lifestyle, but with acceptance and understanding, because everyone is different, the pace is different. with our traditional „way of life”.

We subjugate and torture the animals for the rest of their lives, torture the animals, and if they are the result of uselessness, we simply get rid of it.